I am an Application Support Engineer in the Engineering Development Group at MathWorks in Natick, MA. I started this job in May 2020 after graduating from both Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University. The job is split between working with software development teams within the company on special projects related to MATLAB and Simulink, and providing support for the MATLAB and Simulink products.

My most recent coop was as an Electrical Engineer for General Dynamics Mission Systems in Quincy. This business within the company, called Bluefin Robotics, develops Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). I worked on testing various electrical subsystems of the 9, 12, and 21-inch vehicles. Some of my projects included PCB fabrication, test-fixture PCB design, and dry cable harnessing for various pressure vessels.

In addition to my studies in school, I participate in Northeastern’s chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where I am collaborating with a team tasked with designing the radio communications stack for a two-stage rocket. Before that, I worked on writing device drivers for sensors on the same rocket. We hope to send the rocket to the Karman line (100 km above sea level) next year.

From January until June of 2017, I worked for Desktop Metal as an Electrical Engineer doing Hardware Research and Development. Among my responsibilities include designing schematics and PCB’s, designing and building sensor test stands, and writing test scripts for those fixtures.

I’ve also worked as a Lead Customer Experience Technician at Northeastern’s IT Services where I gained experience working with customers and communicating IT concepts to customers. At Fractal Antenna Systems, I used repeated iterative design principles to prototype and improve on antenna designs which eventually proved capable in tests.

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